Beach Playing Fields Maintenance


We Provide Beach Playing Fields Maintenance

After the winter season the ice-rink facility may serve as a perfect Beach Playing Field. The Beach Playing Field allows to enjoy many types of sport activities attracting many potential customers. Beach Sport Field is just a perfect place to play volleyball, football or badminton.

We provide:

- equipment rental place,

- referees, (we don't provide referees who are PZPN members),

- championships organization,

- regular maintenance,

- regular cleaning service,

- security,

- teams insurance.

Our Top Priority is Security

  • Derol

  • Zamboni

  • Olympia

  • Barber Surf Rake


  • Cherrington Beach Cleaner


  • Cherrington Beach Cleaner


  • Zamboni - Krawędziarka




  • Zamboni - Krawędziarka




  • BeachTech beach cleaner


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